How to Tell Work You're Pregnant

Follow this step-by-step guide to telling your boss you’re pregnant and arranging for maternity leave.

Eager to tell your family and friends about your new family member? Your mom and BFFs are the easy part. Telling work is harder. Because maternity leave. You’re not alone, sister.

Many women feel uncomfortable telling work they’re pregnant.

First get to know your company’s maternity leave policy and the Maternity and Parental Leave Policy

When you are ready to announce your big news, be prepared with what you want: six weeks? Six months? A part-time transition period? A crib in your office? If you know what you want and you’re a valuable employee, you’re poised to do this on your own terms. Here’s a good formula for making it all go smoothly:

  • Tell your boss first
  • Work together to tell HR
  • Communicate your specific plans and transition timeline to the rest of the team

Even though your boss might be uncertain about what to do in your absence, hopefully everyone will be excited and happy for you.

Pro tip: Don’t look at baby stuff on your work computer unless you’re in incognito mode. You will get retargeted ads for that cute crib during a presentation.