Last-minute baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Ideas
In a perfect world, everyone would always be on top of things and never have to do things at the last minute. But we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? If life has happened and you find yourself having to plan a last-minute baby shower, don’t despair. Here’s how to pull it off.

For a last-minute baby shower, you’ll need food that doesn’t take too much time or require special skills to make but is still delightful. Here are some food ideas that will wow your guests:

Veggies and dip cups

It doesn’t get easier than veggies and dips. You could simply buy julienne vegetables from your local store, slice them up, fill mini cups with a dip of your choice, and your food is ready to serve!

Cheese and crackers board

To make your cheese and crackers board, all you need is 3-4 cheeses, a couple of cured meats, crackers, fruits and nuts, and any other fun additions you may want to throw in.

Bacon mac and cheese bites

You can prepare this appetizer ahead of time and warm it up right before serving. They take less than an hour to prepare, plus there are numerous recipes available online that you can modify to your liking.


Mimosas are always a hit with the crowd, especially if you’re hosting a morning brunch. Pick up champagne, orange juice, and ginger ale (to serve as a replacement for the expectant mother) at any grocery store.



Use flowers as a centrepiece. You can find a great selection of flowers at your local grocery store and create your own simple but stunning bouquets.

Letter balloons

You can never go wrong with letter balloons – they always add impact, so you don’t have to add too much in terms of decor. If you know the baby’s gender, you can go with colours that reflect this, or you can even spell out the baby’s name if it’s known. These balloons are available at most party stores.

Pretty straws

Straws are an underrated baby shower decor element, and they’re pretty versatile. You can find them in grocery stores next to paper cups and plates.


Kmart has a great selection of paper napkins in a wide range of colours – to match whatever colour scheme you choose for the baby shower.


Baby shower games are a great way to break the ice and show your guests a good time. Here are some easy ones for your last-minute needs:

How many baby items can you name?

This fun and easy baby shower game asks guests to come up with as many items as they can off the top of their heads before the timer buzzes.

Nappy raffle

For this game, all you need is a box, raffle tickets, and a prize. As the guests arrive, give a raffle ticket to anyone who brought nappies. As the baby shower progresses, take a moment to pull up a ticket and award the holder a prize. Don’t forget to collect the nappies for the mum-to-be! Save money by grabbing some free nappy samples here.

The nursery rhyme quiz

For this game, you will need to type out a list of nursery rhyme snippets, leaving out key phrases and words. Ask your guests to fill in the blanks, and whoever can do the most correctly wins.

Party favours

Here are small gifts you can give to guests to thank them for their attendance:

Tutu nail polish

Dress up plain nail polish bottles for the guests by adding some tulle to the mix.

Cookie jar mix

Create a unique mix of cookies for family and friends to go home with. Package them in small mason jars and embellish them with colourful ribbons for an easy favour.

DIY sharpie mug

Add your unique touch to any boring white mug by writing a personalized message on it. You can fill the mugs with your favourite tea bags or sweets for the guests to take home.

Leather heart coasters

Let your guests take home personalized coasters to mark the event. Trace a heart on some craft leather then cut it out. You can add your guests’ initials or names with a silver paint pen.

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Final Thoughts

Even though trying to quickly put together something as elaborate as a baby shower can be a little overwhelming, the ideas outlined here should make things a little easier for you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to create a fun party at the last minute! Just take a deep breath, ask for help if you need it, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!